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Our Biggest New Release Yet!

Posted by Lauren Cumming on Dec 11, 2015 in New Features

Over the past few months our London and Melbourne teams have been working hard on developing an entirely new user interface for RotaGeek as well as an additional feature set and enhancements to our existing software. Yes we have been busy!

The road hasn't been all smooth sailing- it has taken a lot of testing (and more testing!) to perfect our new look and features, including taking on board feedback from our dedicated users and clients. Despite our new features remaining in beta mode, we are confident that this release is not only our biggest, but our best yet!

Welcome to the new RotaGeek

So what are these new features we talk about???

New RotaGeek Scheduler

First things first - our new scheduler! While we haven't changed its inherent functionality, the UI has been completly overhauled to a more modern design and we have added tools to make scheduling easier. There is a new month view, the ability to change the size of the text to fit your screen, a scrollable shift bar, faster click and add shift tool and a budget dashboard bar for our budget users.

Time saving scheduling - Tick!

Month View

Shift Templates

This feature is perfect for rolling, rotating and set rotas, as it allows users to set up shift patterns which they can simply allocate their staff to each week. Theres no need to add the shifts multiple times anymore. We smashed out a three month rota in 30 minutes using this tool - useful? We think so!

Shift Templates

Required Skills

Finding it hard to make sure you have all areas of your business covered? This is where our 'Required Skills' feature comes in. Create the skills essential to running your business, assign these to the right employees, and then schedule based on how many of each skill set you require each day! The tabs turn green once you have fulfilled your needed skills making it super easy to see if you have covered all areas.

Required Skills


Budget Admin

Budget Scheduler

The name of this feature pretty much spells it out! You can now add in the budget for each of your stores or locations for an entire calendar year. This information then appears on the scheduler and calculates the total cost of all shifts that are added to your rotas (based on employee payroll details being added). We envisage this tool will help you keep track of how much you are spending while you schedule rather than after! See our support pages to learn more about Budgeting.

Available Shifts

We have made it even easier to keep track of how many shifts you need each day with 'Available Shifts'. Assign the number of each shift type that you need in a day, drag shifts off these requirements, and then easily see what has and hasn't been filled! Have a shift that remains unfilled? With the press of one button you can send out an alert to all available employees to see if they want to pick up the shift - say goodbye to calling around all afternoon!

Available Shifts

It’s our mission to make RotaGeek the best scheduling tool there is so the work continues! We are already working on our next update to make your scheduling easier, faster and more intelligent.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for our team get in touch at support@rotageek.com.