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Scottish Blue

Scottish Blue specialise in Transport and Autocare services, from minibus hire and local taxi services (working alongside Dundee Taxis Ltd.), to MOT Testing, car servicing and tyre fitting services. They pride themselves on having a reliable fleet and a crew of professional and experienced drivers.

As a growing business, Scottish Blue wanted to improve consistency, hours and holiday tracking and reduce the time spent managing rotas each week. This led to the search for a new way of doing things. Designing a better spreadsheet was the first course of action but in a desire to reduce time further, as well as human error rates, the company turned towards online and cloud based HR and scheduling software. After trialling a number of different products, Mike signed up with RotaGeek basing the selection on how user friendly he found the software to be, alongside the ability to automatically email/text rota details to all staff and record holidays, shifts and total pay per employee.

“It was very easy to use and set up. All staff are now aware of their upcoming shifts and hours throughout the week and I can now tell an employee exactly how many holidays they have taken and what they are due very easily.”

A feature that has proved very useful and is a favourite of Mike’s, is RotaGeek’s payroll functionality. The automation of wage calculations based on assigned shifts saves Mike a great deal of time, as there is now no need to manually calculate payroll for each employee every week. Scottish Blue also found the ability to set up unique shifts with specific pay rates for their self-employed drivers very useful in terms of creating and maintaining accurate payroll reports.

Scheduling the Scottish Blue team no longer takes up a large chunk of Mike’s time each week and has ultimately reduced the number of payroll errors, making processes more efficient and stress-free.



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“I have gone from updating a spreadsheet every weekday to once a week, which takes a matter of mere minutes, saving approx. 2 hours a week in scheduling. This does not include the time spent manually calculating payroll, which is now done within a matters of seconds at the end of every week using RotaGeek.”

Mike Scullion, Managing Director