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predict & meet demand

Rotageek uses predictive data-driven technologies to effectively and fairly schedule staff

What’s your weak spot?

Small inefficiencies and day-to-day frustrations curb the bigger picture.
  • Matching staff to demand

    Rotageek uses smart technology to turn data inputs into actionable data so your managers know for every 30 minute period in a day how many staff are required

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  • Increasing staff costs

    Our budgeting tool allows you to allocate budgets to stores and see overspend in real-time across the estate

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  • Lack of visibility

    Rotageek’s cloud-based scheduling tool is fast, intuitive and can be used on any device giving full visibility of what’s happening from individual locations up to the whole estate

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  • Managing leave during busy periods

    Rotageek automates your leave request process and guarantees you have the staff in place to match demand

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  • Finding cover for shifts

    Our notifications give managers back valuable time by allowing them to easily and quickly contact local available staff with the right skills to cover shifts

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  • Managers spending too much time creating rotas

    With our auto-scheduling tool, all it takes is one click and schedules are created based on forecasted demand, contracted hours, staff availability and skill mix

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  • High staff turnover

    Rotageek allows head office and managers to better engage with staff across the organisation giving everyone greater visibility to help manage work/life balance

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  • Paper-based systems

    Our intuitive user interface across web and mobile means data is always available with no need to print

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  • Manual data entry

    Sync Rotageek with your existing HR and payroll systems via API or file transfer and avoid manual entry and make significant time savings

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Rotageek technology helps leading brands make better business decisions.

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